1. SUSI Partners Buys 50% Stake in AMS Commercial Battery Fleet

    SUSI Partners Buys 50% Stake in AMS Commercial Battery Fleet

    Swiss fund manager SUSI Partners acquired a 50 percent stake in AMS’ Southern California portfolio of distributed battery storage systems. The package includes more than 90 lithium-ion systems adding up to storage capacity of 63 megawatts and 340 megawatt-hours. AMS will continue to operate the assets. AMS secured contracts with utility Southern California Edison back in 2014 to install batteries at commercial and industrial sites to lower both customer bills and grid demand in constrained areas. As of mid-March, AMS had brought online 27 megawatts and 142 megawatt-hours of energy storage capacity at 40 sites within SCE territory.

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    1. SUSI's entry into the U.S. and acquisition of a 50 percent stake in Macquarie's behind-the-meter portfolio signals a leap in storage investments from just strategic in nature to ones driven by economic returns generally expected of traditional energy assets.
    2. We are thrilled with this transaction in light of the role the portfolio has as a critical enabler of California's long-term energy transition policy and look forward to continue investing in the US market.
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