1. Norway's State-Run Oil and Gas Giant Is Backing a Battery-Research Fund

    Norway's State-Run Oil and Gas Giant Is Backing a Battery-Research Fund

    Equinor, the Norwegian oil-and-gas giant formerly known as Statoil, will announce today that it plans to pour money into an approximately $180 million investment fund focused on battery and related technologies. The Chicago-based fund, Volta Energy Technologies, is run by battery and technology-commercialization experts and grew out of the U.S. government’s Argonne National Laboratory, a site of extensive battery research. Volta seeks to serve traditional energy behemoths that have concluded they must play in the emerging battery race but lack the in-house technical expertise to play it smartly. It has made four investments so far and has more in its sights.

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    1. If there were a viable long-term utility-scale storage solution
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