1. Thermal Storage Finds a Niche Reducing Energy Demand in Refrigeration

    Thermal Storage Finds a Niche Reducing Energy Demand in Refrigeration

    Thermal storage is gaining ground in refrigeration applications, providing demand response for one of utilities’ most energy-intensive industries. Thermal storage generally involves salt-based solutions that can absorb heat and cool refrigerators. Viking Cold Solutions partnered with Eversource to install a Viking Cold Solutions thermal energy storage system to reduce the Greater Boston Food Bank’s peak demand, realizing a 75 percent reduction in peak energy use, the company said.

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    1. The hope is to create a blueprint for grocery stores, and have net zero impact.
    2. Due to shifting demand patterns and the addition of more intermittent renewable power generation onto the grid, the energy storage market is growing quite rapidly.
    3. Usually we try to shut down and ride long periods of time during the day without the refrigeration unit running.
    4. The (thermal storage) industry has seen various efficiency technologies over the years that have either not worked or simply provided incremental improvements.
    5. The main challenge for the technology is educating the market. Thermal energy storage is something most customers have never seen, so we continually demonstrate how it delivers efficiency and flexibility for energy cost reductions up to 35 percent or more.
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