1. Engie Backs Tiko for Distributed Virtual Power Plants

    Engie Backs Tiko for Distributed Virtual Power Plants

    Engie has taken a majority stake in Tiko, a Swiss startup with technology that’s aggregating household and business loads into some of Europe’s biggest virtual power plants. Tiko, a 2012 joint venture of Swisscom and Repower, has grown from piloting its technology in Swiss homes to enabling a fleet of residential, commercial and industrial assets adding up to more than 100 megawatts of load across Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria. But while it directly operates its original 6,500-home, 40-megawatt project in Switzerland as Swisscom Energy Solutions, it’s also white-labeling its technology to match real-time distributed energy resource controls to real-time grid commands

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    1. I feel like the fact that they've been able to work with sonnen, and have had that experience working with storage, is important.
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