1. Batteries Edge Out Natural Gas Peaking Plants in Arizona RFP

    Batteries Edge Out Natural Gas Peaking Plants in Arizona RFP

    A recent announcement by electric utility Arizona Public Service could mark the tipping point in the way utilities think about building resources to meet peak demand. Historically utilities built “peakers,” usually gas turbines fueled by natural gas, to meet spikes in demand, but in recent solicitations Arizona Public Service chose battery storage projects over peakers. Late last month, APS, the largest utility in the state, said it plans to add 850 MW of energy storage by 2025, including 200 MW of stand-alone energy storage projects that competed and won against gas-fired peakers.

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    1. This is a watershed moment that the utility is signaling.
    2. It is a groundbreaking moment in part because this a utility in a state which is traditionally gas friendly.
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