1. SaltX starts groundbreaking pilot plant tests in Berlin

    SaltX starts groundbreaking pilot plant tests in Berlin

    SaltX Technology is a Swedish company that developed EnerStore, a technology whereby energy can be stored in salt indefinitely to provide heating or cooling. During the summer of 2017, SaltX, and Vattenfall initiated a collaboration to construct a large-scale energy storage based on SaltX solution with nano-coated salt. Now - one and a half year later - the plant has been installed, tested and commissioned at Vattenfall's combined heat and power plant, Reuter-C in Berlin. The next step for the parties is to perform actual testing of the energy storage for a number of months to evaluate both technology and functionality.

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    1. It is an important step for the company, and we look forward to productive and important discussions with potential partners and customers in the near future.
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