1. US Residential Storage on the Rise in Another Record-Breaking Year

    US Residential Storage on the Rise in Another Record-Breaking Year

    Energy storage enjoyed another record-breaking year of deployments in the US in 2018, while the residential segment is now “moving beyond early adopters” and into commercial viability, a report from Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables claims. Prepared in collaboration with the national Energy Storage Association, US Energy Storage Monitor 2018 Year-in-Review follows on from Wood Mackenzie’s quarterly editions of the report produced throughout the year. Published at the beginning of this week, the company reports “robust growth” in both front-of-meter and behind-the-meter segments of the market through 2018, with 777MWh of energy storage connected to the grid – an 80% increase over 2017 install figures.

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    1. The residential market is moving beyond early adopters who are seeking out storage systems for backup power.
    2. The value of front-of-the-meter energy storage is being recognized by an ever-expanding range of stakeholders. Its diversity and flexibility will drive the FTM market to the GW-scale by 2020, with further potential upside as non-traditional markets continue to emerge.
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