1. REV and GMP Launch Energy Storage Program

    REV and GMP Launch Energy Storage Program

    Green Mountain Power has partnered with Renewable Energy Vermont on a new bring-your-own-device pilot program that will allow about 600 GMP customers to offset the costs of new energy-saving devices in their homes with incentives. According to a press release promoting the program, the enhanced incentive offers $850 per kilowatt of energy storage enrolled in the program, and will offer customers in grid constrained areas who add batteries to existing solar systems an extra $150 per kilowatt.

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    1. We're sharing in her move to storage, so that means on behalf of all the Vermonters we serve, we get to help kick carbon to the curb.
    2. It's been a win-win for me, I haven't paid an electric bill since I had the solar panels installed.
    3. I'm proud of our leadership in energy innovation and this is another great example of Vermont companies collaborating to produce a stronger economy by lowering energy costs and addressing climate change.
    4. We're excited to be partnering with Green Mountain Power to help launch the BYOD program.
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