1. Miramar Microgrid to Demonstrate Reliable Power from Landfill Gases

    Miramar Microgrid to Demonstrate Reliable Power from Landfill Gases

    The microgrid at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar took another big step this week with an expansion that will demonstrate landfill gas as a reliable fuel for an islanded microgrid. This microgrid is considered one of the most sophisticated under development with five distributed energy resources, including solar, energy storage, landfill gas, diesel and natural gas plant, and EV charging. The first phase of the demonstration project paired solar and fossil fuels. Its second phase, announced this week, will demonstrate the interplay between landfill gas and energy storage.

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    1. One of the challenges associated with landfill gas is the uncertain nature of its output.
    2. The microgrid is critical in allowing operations to continue if the utility power grid is compromised, and this expansion will enable enhanced capability to enable financial benefit and power assurance.
    3. Because of their paramount need for critical power resilience, military bases are one of the types of facilities that demand microgrid implementation for islanding capabilities and integration of renewable DER.
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