1. APS Plans to Add Nearly 1GW of New Battery Storage and Solar Resources by 2025

    APS Plans to Add Nearly 1GW of New Battery Storage and Solar Resources by 2025

    The Arizona power grid has a unique set of challenges, which it turns out solar and energy storage are particularly well suited to address. Arizona Public Service, the state’s largest investor-owned utility, announced Thursday morning that it will add 850 megawatts of battery storage and at least 100 megawatts of solar generation by 2025. That amounts to nearly 1 gigawatt of new clean energy technology, to be obtained through a combination of newly completed and upcoming procurements. The plan includes outfitting existing utility-owned solar projects with 200 megawatts of batteries, deploying 500 megawatts of new battery resources, and contracting for 150 megawatts of third party-owned storage — the last of which beat out new-build natural gas peakers in an request for proposals that just concluded.

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    1. We were really excited last year when we were able to do a peaking solar plant with First Solar.
    2. Because it's existing natural gas in the region and has been in service for a while, the pricing is attractive.
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