1. Tesla, Others Question Storage Hourly Requirements, Charges in FERC Order 841 Compliance Plans

    Tesla, Others Question Storage Hourly Requirements, Charges in FERC Order 841 Compliance Plans

    As energy storage becomes more economically competitive with more traditional forms of merchant generation, access to wholesale power markets is seen as an important addition to the technology's opportunities on the contracted side. However, questions remain about the effective implementation of the federal order that seeks to create consistent opportunities for storage to compete in wholesale energy markets. FERC is working through conflicting stakeholder comments regarding the compliance plans filed last year by six regional transmission operators and independent system operators related to Order 841 — FERC's directive on integrating energy storage into wholesale energy markets.

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    1. Folks in the electric storage resource industry need to have some degree of clarity to how they're going to be treated.
    2. Our worry is just sort of the federalization of all of the policy about storage.
    3. It's sort of a win-win there, but it's a cooperative effort, it's not being imposed upon National Grid by FERC.
    4. My concern is that there are greater implications to that decision than all of us have seen and discussed.
    5. Earlier approval of the accounting proposal will allow PJM to test its proposed metering and accounting practices, gaining real-world experience in identifying and addressing challenges, before implementing the new [energy storage resource] participation model.
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