1. Energy Storage Advances Amp up Real Estate

    Energy Storage Advances Amp up Real Estate

    The fast-developing energy storage market is powering new opportunities for commercial real estate, from diversifying location choices to boosting companies’ revenue and eco-credentials. The technology behind ion lithium batteries has taken big steps forward in recent years, making onsite energy storage a more viable, reliable and attractive option for all types of real estate. For commercial building owners and tenants, a new generation of batteries are providing a more cost-effective solution for their energy needs.

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    1. Energy storage facilities can add value to real estate by enabling tenants to save money on their electricity bills and potentially generating additional revenue streams from arbitrage activities and provision of grid services
    2. The storage market will continue to grow significantly in the years ahead and will be a key enabler in realising a low carbon economy and as such will start to feature in more green marketing.
    3. Warehouses, which have increasingly complex and energy intensive needs in line with the growing use of automation, could be built in locations that were previously deemed impossible due to lack of available grid power, helping meet demand for ever-faster delivery and more efficient last-mile operations.
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