1. Puerto Rican Solar Pow Wow Resumes

    Puerto Rican Solar Pow Wow Resumes

    The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has contacted Canada-based Greenbriar Capital with the intention of reopening negotiations to progress the 100MW Montalva solar project. The shovel-ready $305m project, which also includes a 30MW battery, will be the largest renewable energy project in the Caribbean when built. The plant will be located in the municipalities of Guanica and Lajas. Generating 100% renewable energy, the solar-plus-storage plant is estimated to provide PREPA customers with $1-2bn in energy savings over the 25-35-year life of the facility. According to Greenbriar Montalva will add 900 direct jobs during the construction phase.

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    1. We have always believed this is a world class project, and we look forward to working with PREPA to get it done.
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