1. GE 'Created The Energy Industry,' Now Its Cementing A Place In Its Future

    GE 'Created The Energy Industry,' Now Its Cementing A Place In Its Future

    GE is rebuilding its clean energy business by combining its renewables, energy storage and grid infrastructure units. The reorganization, announced today, makes a lot of sense. A modernized grid, with strategically placed storage is essential for renewable energy penetration to climb and the Holy Grail of ‘renewables-as-baseload’ to be achieved. The company’s involvement in the sector is already vast and varied spanning wind, solar and hydro. It has become increasingly involved in hybrid projects paired with energy storage. Pulling in its parallel grid infrastructure business completes the set.

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    1. With the unique diversity and scale of this portfolio and the combination of expertise, technology, and local reach, we will create enhanced value for all our customers seeking to power the world with affordable, reliable green electrons.
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