1. MISO Moving Quickly on Initial SATA Rules

    MISO Moving Quickly on Initial SATA Rules

    MISO and stakeholders are hoping to complete policies allowing storage to qualify as transmission for the RTO’s 2019 Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP 19). The RTO hopes to file its first plan to allow storage as a transmission asset (SATA) with FERC by June. Initially, proposed SATA will only be allowed to solve transmission reliability needs and will be ineligible to simultaneously participate in MISO’s energy markets. The RTO currently has one reliability-based storage project proposal lined up for evaluation in MTEP 19.

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    1. This storage-as-transmission [development] process is really short. … Folks want to get this right. Backtracking on policy once it's been filed and accepted isn't impossible, but it's a really heavy lift.
    2. Storage might be able to go in where others can't due to permitting.
    3. We don't know how to mix those two just yet.
    4. MISO contemplates that most SATA will eventually desire to participate in markets in addition to providing cost-based transmission services. The ability to coordinate use of the asset in this mixed mode requires MISO as market operator to instruct the charging and discharging of the SATA for the provision of transmission services.
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