1. Caribbean Island Bonaire Balances Solar, Wind, & Diesel With Storage

    Caribbean Island Bonaire Balances Solar, Wind, & Diesel With Storage

    Caribbean island Bonaire is adding a 6 megawatt energy storage system to help balance its solar and wind assets with backup diesel generators, opening up the potential for greater renewable penetration. Additional solar will expand on the 2015 pilot project that included close to 800 solar panels. Wärtsilä won the contract for the engineering, procurement, and construction of the hybrid energy project, which includes batteries and inverters, as well as GEMS, the energy management software from its Greensmith Energy subsidiary. ContourGlobal Bonaire, a subsidiary of London based ContourGlobal, is acquiring the system for its Water and Energy Company Bonaire subsidiary.

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    1. The advanced energy storage and software platform will increase ContourGlobal's wind power production and solar generation energy in Bonaire.
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