1. Energy Storage System Integrators Playing a Bigger Role on Green Grid

    Energy Storage System Integrators Playing a Bigger Role on Green Grid

    Energy storage system integrators play an increasingly important — and shifting — role as more renewable energy is added to the grid, according to a new Navigant Research report. Integrators design, build and operate large, grid-scale energy storage systems. Think Fluence and Tesla. The utility-scale energy storage market has grown increasingly competitive since 2016. And as the market matures and expands, the integrators play a larger role in ensuring project success and profitability.

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    1. Right now, one of the main factors is how many projects these companies have; the companies that score higher have the best diversity.
    2. The problem is that there are utilities and regulators that have been resistant to renewables on the grid in general. They're new and different from any traditional grid system, so there's a lot to get to speed up on.
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