1. 'Unlayering' Peak Demand Could Accelerate Energy Storage Adoption

    'Unlayering' Peak Demand Could Accelerate Energy Storage Adoption

    The debate over energy storage replacing gas-fired peakers has raged for years, but a new approach that shifts the terms of the argument could lead to an acceleration of storage deployments. Rather than looking at peak demand as a single mountainous peak, some analysts now advocate a layered approach that allows energy storage to better match peak needs. The idea is beginning to gain traction with some states and utilities.

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    1. I can beat a gas peaker anywhere in the country today with a solar-plus-storage power plant.
    2. We haven't seen a thorough understanding of peak needs in most territories in the U.S..
    3. We need to seek to move beyond having single capacity curves that apply equally to all storage resources.
    4. I would run a loss of load probability analysis to figure out what load shape leads to an outage. I would also look at yearly extremes in the near past as well as in the future as more renewable energy resources come online.
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