1. Cemex R&D Subsidiary Sees the Ups and Downs of Energy Storage

    Cemex R&D Subsidiary Sees the Ups and Downs of Energy Storage

    Crane-suspended concrete segments, patterned like an enormous stave silo, power a commercial scale-ready system based on what Swiss developer Energy Vault describes as “the principles that underpin traditional gravity-based pumped hydro plants.” Software operates an automated six-arm crane and orchestrates positioning of the concrete segments that provide the basis for efficient electricity storage and discharge. The use of low cost and environmentally-friendly concrete materials enables the system to achieve low cost per kilowatt-hour and high round trip efficiency while delivering a 30-40 year life without any degradation in storage capacity. Energy Vault figures that a properly configured system will be capable of reaching 100 percent of target power levels in 2.9 seconds.

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