1. Indoor Farm Will Tap Solar Microgrid to Keep Plants Growing Year Round

    Indoor Farm Will Tap Solar Microgrid to Keep Plants Growing Year Round

    A solar-powered microgrid will soon help an urban agriculture startup grow vegetable greens inside a converted New Jersey warehouse. Bowery Farming’s Kearny, New Jersey, facility will grow lettuce, kale and up to 100 varieties of plants, all indoors in a carefully controlled climate backed up by batteries, solar panels, on-site gas generators and technology that allows it to operate independently from the electric grid in the event of an outage or other disruptions.

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    1. It's really a manufacturing center with a high cost of energy in a very controlled environment.
    2. I believe no one has ever done microgrids in the indoor agricultural space like we're doing here.
    3. Our assets can do a bunch of things, but in this case our natural gas product and the battery help primarily to manage peak loads.
    4. Generically, a solution like this would provide a 20 or 30 percent savings in energy consumption from the normal cost structure of a similar facility.
    5. This new industry of indoor agriculture is really meaningful to society and us being able to partner in a project like this, to make repeatable solutions to make energy use much more efficient and more affordable, makes this much more exciting.
    6. We're looking forward to continuing to provide consumers with access to local, high-quality produce and drive a more sustainable future.
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