1. Sharing Systems Could Help Building Owners Get More from Microgrids

    Sharing Systems Could Help Building Owners Get More from Microgrids

    Shared microgrids can help building owners lower costs and boost resilience, but big questions need to be sorted out first on how the systems operate. While still a fledgling market, shared microgrids — sometimes called multi-user microgrids — are gaining increased attention from researchers and industry players. As with single-user microgrids, the systems combine some type of energy storage and generation with technology that allows them to separate from the larger grid in the event of a power outage or other disruption. In Chicago, a cluster of museums is exploring the case for combining energy systems, but thorny questions remain. 

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    1. It's a matter of time before you're starting to see some companies partnering and figuring out financial models to own a microgrid.
    2. There will be a growing number of situations in which [multi-user microgrids] will become viable. Even today, certain sets of customers find the benefits offered by MUMs to outweigh the additional costs.
    3. It's actually creating savings for the community.
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