1. New Lithium Hydroxide Factory in Western Australia Wins Federal Approval

    New Lithium Hydroxide Factory in Western Australia Wins Federal Approval

    Earthworks for a new lithium hydroxide factory in Western Australia are expected to begin this month after the $1bn project received federal environmental approval. The plant owned by the world’s largest lithium producer, the US chemical company Albemarle, was approved by the Western Australian government in October and is estimated to create up to 500 jobs in construction, with another 100 to 500 operational jobs once it is operational. Australia’s trade minister, Simon Birmingham, said the plant would provide a much-needed local jobs boost and supply a growing global demand for lithium, which is used in renewable energy storage.

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    1. This is a welcome investment and vote of confidence in our local lithium industry that will help attract further investment into the future.
    2. Achieving this milestone underscores our commitment and confidence in developing LiOH [lithium hydroxide] operations and in our overall strategy to drive significant shareholder value and meet our customers' demands.
    3. We think on the whole it's a positive development for the south-west and one that could provide an alternative source of employment to the coal-based jobs in Collie.
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