1. Innovative Microgrid Will Power Finnish Distribution Center - Power magazine

    Innovative Microgrid Will Power Finnish Distribution Center - Power magazine

    A distribution center in Finland is installing what is being called the country’s largest industrial microgrid, a system that will use 100% renewable energy coupled with energy storage. The system is being built by Schneider Electric in Järvenpää and is expected to come online in 2019. It will be used by Lidl, a grocery store chain based in Germany. The microgrid is designed to cut the center’s energy costs in half and also serves the region’s electric grid via its battery storage system. The system also heats the facility—it recovers heat from the distribution center’s refrigeration equipment—and supplies hot water to about 500 nearby homes. 

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    1. The Lidl distribution center is much like any of our other microgrids.
    2. During periods of very cold weather, Finland's grid can experience peak loads.
    3. This is significant both nationally and internationally.
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