1. Federation of Microgrids Planned in Australia by Sempra's PXiSe

    Federation of Microgrids Planned in Australia by Sempra's PXiSe

    Sempra subsidiary PXiSE Energy Solutions plans to create a federation of microgrids to boost renewable energy in remote Australian towns under a new agreement with utility Horizon Power. With its distributed energy resource management (DERM) system the company says it can get past curtailment and power quality issues to boost the percentage of renewables to 50 percent and above. The company’s DERM system networks various distributed energy resources together, with the ability to adjust to grid challenges very quickly.

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    1. We can create a federation of microgrid systems that can respond to fast changes and go beyond 50 percent renewables.
    2. That happens in seconds, and you have a ripple effect quickly. You need the system to respond quickly and manage the supply and demand drop.
    3. I want to participate tomorrow if the price is a certain amount.
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