1. EU’s Electricity Market Revamp Hailed as ‘Game-Changer’ for Clean Energy

    EU’s Electricity Market Revamp Hailed as ‘Game-Changer’ for Clean Energy

    A recent agreement to reform Europe’s electricity market has enshrined into EU law the unprecedented right of consumers to produce, sell and share their own electricity in newly-defined “citizen energy communities”. The move is seen by energy policy enthusiasts in Brussels as a potential turning point for the mass deployment of small-scale renewables like solar power.

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    1. Europe is on the brink of a clean energy revolution.
    2. It is an entity which is open to the participation of everybody.
    3. The name goes far beyond the semantic. It designates an entity that is autonomous, local and managed by real people.
    4. It's really the start of something.
    5. We've also seen that local energy communities bring greater local benefits and welfare than commercial or foreign investments.
    6. It's still not clear what the national regulators should do.
    7. We understand this as being the endgame – the 2050 vision of where we want to be.
    8. We definitely support the bottom-up approach of citizen energy communities.
    9. As a DSO, Enedis would like to be involved when designing local energy communities.
    10. Another missed opportunity, in our view, is the recognition of the right of citizen energy communities to own and manage their distribution grid.
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