1. Mexico Gets Its First Grid-Scale Battery—at a Car Factory

    Mexico Gets Its First Grid-Scale Battery—at a Car Factory

    Mexico energy authorities have been developing an energy storage strategy to balance out the country’s recent surge in solar power plants. What appears to be the first and largest battery to come online, though, does something else entirely. The 12-megawatt/12-megawatt-hour device switched on in October to deliver reliability and power quality at a 130-megawatt microgrid serving an automotive factory campus in Monterrey. The device handles spinning reserve, voltage support and frequency for the fully self-contained electrical system.

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    1. We needed something that could react extremely fast, as if it were another engine, in case one went offline.
    2. If you're halfway through painting a car and the power goes off, now what? Or you're halfway through a weld and the power goes off, now what?
    3. I didn't know what a battery was in April of this year, and in October I had an operating battery.
    4. With the change of the tariffs in Mexico, the economics will be more important to more people.
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