1. GMP Energy Storage Plan Helped Keep the Lights on During Storm

    GMP Energy Storage Plan Helped Keep the Lights on During Storm

    While winter storm Bruce packed a punch with severe winds and heavy wet snow knocking out power to more than 116,000 customers, those in Green Mountain Power’s Powerwall program were able to keep the lights on through outages. There are more than 1,000 Powerwalls providing backup power in customers’ homes as part of this innovative pilot program and installations continue, with all 2000 Powerwalls fully subscribed.

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    1. The Powerwalls pumped our water, ran our lights, appliances, TV, and computers, and even powered our electric snowblower just as seamlessly as if we were connected to the grid.
    2. This kind of technology is our energy future, happening right now. We're so glad so many customers got the benefit of this backup power during that massive snowstorm while our crews worked tirelessly to restore power to all.
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