1. Ultracapacitors On UC San Diego's Microgrid — Smoothing the Sun

    Ultracapacitors On UC San Diego's Microgrid — Smoothing the Sun

    Maxwell Technologies has installed the first ultracapacitor energy storage system on UC San Diego’s microgrid. The system, an inconspicuous 20-foot container filled with ultracapacitor modules, supports the solar panels that capture and feed energy to the adjacent La Jolla Playhouse Theater. The goal of the Maxwell ultracapacitor bank installation was to see if ultracapacitors can provide a more cost-effective energy storage system for microgrids—and better response time—than batteries.

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    1. The more renewables you put on the grid, the more unstable the grid gets.
    2. When those two outputs work together, you end up with a much smoother, higher quality power output.
    3. UCSD provided a convenient platform where we could remotely monitor this small-scale system before scaling up the technology for much larger projects.
    4. What we've shown is that you can stabilize a microgrid with only about one minute worth of ultracapacitor energy storage, which is why ultracapacitors can be competitive in this market.
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