1. North Carolina Panel Bullish on Energy Storage

    North Carolina Panel Bullish on Energy Storage

    Energy storage will not only help North Carolina replace coal-powered electricity in the state in the coming decades but may also offset the need for new natural gas plants as well.  A study of the energy storage landscape was submitted to the state’s General Assembly in early December that will serve as a roadmap to help lawmakers and regulators fully develop the technology. North Carolina is currently in the initial phases of deploying energy storage facilities; however, the report authored by the team of university experts concluded that storing electricity could not only smooth out peak demand periods, but would also become a reliable everyday piece of the region’s fuel mix.

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    1. In the moderate range of capacity, like the 300 megawatts (MW) of energy storage capacity that Duke Energy has proposed to build over the next 15 years, power storage could offset the construction of a gas power plant altogether.
    2. We believe that now is the appropriate time to consider the role that energy storage may play in the state's future power system. Energy storage can help ensure reliable service, decrease costs to rate payers, and reduce the environmental impacts of electricity production.
    3. We recommended a range of options rather than championing any specific approach.
    4. Energy storage has value beyond its relevance to renewable energy.
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