1. Renewables, Energy Storage, & Managing The Utility Grid Of The Future

    Renewables, Energy Storage, & Managing The Utility Grid Of The Future

    Things are changing fast in the world of electricity generation and distribution. As always, changes are to the advantage of some and the disadvantage of others. The sharp drop in the cost of renewable energy in the past few years is the primary engine driving the changes. The next revolution is bulk energy storage, the piece of the puzzle that will turn traditional ideas of how an electrical grid should operate completely upside down. Here’s a look at what is happening right now and what the utility grid of the future may look like.

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    1. Renewable energy is basically like a teenager.
    2. How do you synchronize your demand with the supply is the key. That's why I say we are shifting from the cost of energy to the cost of synergy.
    3. What was really exciting for us to see was the range of technologies and the different applications being used in these projects — behind and in front of the meter, combined heat and power, solar, storage, energy efficiency.
    4. Even if we wanted to run the grid on renewables right now we couldn't because you'd need fossil-fueled turbines to make up for the fact that the renewable supply cannot be dispatched on demand.
    5. We're developing a new technology that, if successful, would solve this most important and critical problem in energy and climate change, namely, the storage problem. This is geographically unlimited, and is cheaper than pumped hydro, which is very exciting.
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