1. Project of the Year: REV Connect

    Project of the Year: REV Connect

    Let's be clear: Anything that can take the torturous rigidity out of utility procurements deserves an award. New York's Reforming the Energy Vision has been around a few years, and the state's efforts to reshape the utility sector are beginning to pay off. Plenty of states have followed suit, but New York's REV is a holistic reimagining of energy resources and the business models underpin the sector. While REV aims to bring about wholesale changes, one initiative within it is speeding the development of new resources and solutions while helping remake utility procurement processes.

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    1. We recognized that it may be difficult for them, new entrants into space, technology companies that had not traditionally played in the energy space. It can be challenging to find the right person to connect with.
    2. When we first began this with utilities, they were a little hesitant, reserved, skeptical.
    3. When we first opened the portal, the number of submissions received in the early days were disappointing.
    4. Our plan for 2019 is to institutionalize the process at utilities.
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