1. How Battery Storage Is Changing The Renewable Energy Game

    How Battery Storage Is Changing The Renewable Energy Game

    The mass adoption and implementation of solar energy in South African homes and businesses has been rapidly increasing over the past few years. But, going completely “off grid” has so far been held back by the expense of storing power from renewable sources. But this is changing, as the technology is available, and becoming more affordable, for dramatically reducing the reliance on state utility, Eskom, for electricity in South Africa.

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    1. New storage solutions are emerging that make use of commonly available materials, and nano-technology could potentially improve the power and energy density of batteries.
    2. We're particularly proud of our Robben Island project because it shows that solar power generation and storage can totally transform the energy accessibility for remote areas, which is particularly applicable to Africa.
    3. These solutions are becoming more affordable and widespread, and we are seeing the commercial sector flock to the reliability and affordability of renewables in general and solar in particular.
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