1. NantEnergy Acquires Sharp’s Energy Systems & Services Business in US

    NantEnergy Acquires Sharp’s Energy Systems & Services Business in US

    NantEnergy has acquired Sharp Electronics Corporation's US-based energy systems and services business, which develops and delivers energy management systems across the country. As part of the deal, NantEnergy retained the entire Energy Systems and Services team, including Carl Mansfield, former general manager and founder of Sharp's energy system and services group. Mansfield will continue with NantEnergy as vice president, system solutions. Among the products that NantEnergy will acquire includes the SmartStorage behind-the-meter energy storage system.

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    1. The technology and software capabilities of the SmartStorage product are complementary to NantEnergy's proven technology and products in telecom and microgrid markets and enable us to become a leader not only in behind-the-meter applications but also in the broader stationary energy storage market.
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