1. Xcel Energy, United Power Among Utilities Using Batteries

    Xcel Energy, United Power Among Utilities Using Batteries

    For longtime proponents of renewable energy, figuring out how to keep the lights on when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine has been a key challenge. Harnessing the excess energy from a turbine or solar panel to use later was the “holy grail” or “golden key,” as one Colorado utility executive calls it.

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    1. Building a 200- to 300-megawatt project, that's real stuff. That's a real deal.
    2. It's big. We used to talk about individual battery installation.
    3. Costs of grid battery storage are half of what they were four years ago, and in another five to six years, costs will be half of what they are now.
    4. Cell phones and other consumer electronics have driven the scale of the lithium-ion battery market. Electric vehicles are riding the wave, and grid batteries are the next in line. So, we have our device addiction to thank for how cheap the batteries are today.
    5. Storage is almost considered like the golden key
    6. The primary business case for this is peak shaving — lower our peak demand on hot summer days, really any time.
    7. As a utility, we have to keep our hands in the mix.
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