1. Chatterjee Pushes Grid Operators to Design Market Products for Storage

    Chatterjee Pushes Grid Operators to Design Market Products for Storage

    Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner Neil Chatterjee on Tuesday called on regional grid operators to design new market rules that allow batteries to provide grid services as part of a wide-ranging address on the future of energy storage. Grid operators have grappled for years with how to design rules "particularly suited to storage," Chatterjee told an industry conference in Washington, but there has been "little momentum" in recent years on market products like frequency response that could allow batteries to grow.

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    1. Because Order 841 provided high level requirements, the way each [grid operator] interprets those requirements could play a significant role in shaping the opportunities for storage in various regions.
    2. When you consider market incentives like pay for performance, capacity constructs in PJM and ISO-NE, co-location could be extremely beneficial in allowing renewables to avoid performance penalties and take advantage of high prices.
    3. The way the commission processes work is staff puts together an options memo that lays out what the available options are and we're just waiting on that memo.
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