1. Engie Na Unveils Largest Energy Storage System in Massachusetts in Cooperation with Holyoke Gas & Electric

    Engie Na Unveils Largest Energy Storage System in Massachusetts in Cooperation with Holyoke Gas & Electric

    HOLYOKE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 25, 2018--ENGIE North America and Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) today unveiled Massachusetts’ largest utility-scale energy storage system at a ceremony at the Mt. Tom Solar Farm in Holyoke, Massachusetts. ENGIE Storage Services (formerly Green Charge) will operate the three-megawatt GridSynergy™ system, which will be fully integrated into the largest community solar farm in the state at a location adjacent to the former Mt. Tom Power Station. The former coal and oil-fired generation facility, 90 miles west of Boston, operated for more than 50 years and ceased operation in 2014. The energy storage system will enhance HG&E’s electricity system and help keep electric rates stable by reducing rising capacity charges for the utility and its customers. Additionally, GridSynergy will provide grid stability by responding quickly to electricity demand fluctuations; allow for the increased use of clean energy; and reduce peak load burden on the existing electrical distribution system.

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    1. This project is the perfect illustration of energy transformation in action – affordable, clean energy replacing traditional fossil fuel power generation.
    2. HG&E is excited to expand its relationship with ENGIE, through the integration of this energy storage system (ESS) with the existing large-scale community solar farm at Mt. Tom.
    3. It's been gratifying to see the Mt. Tom property transform over the last few years.
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