1. Michigan Utility Unveils New Battery at University

    Michigan Utility Unveils New Battery at University

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. (AP) — A Michigan utility has unveiled a new battery to store renewable energy at Western Michigan University. The battery can store enough solar and wind energy to supply about 1,000 homes with an hour of power, said Consumers Energy Project Manager Nathan Washburn. The battery will be used to keep energy output stable even when there's cloud coverage, he said. "This battery is a big step forward for Consumers," Washburn said.

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    1. This battery is a big step forward for Consumers.
    2. In the future we do believe that these will be one of the main sources of electricity for our toolbox.
    3. With the solar array and now the first battery, we have this rare combination to both generate solar power and then think about how to store it and use it for consumers.
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