1. Stem Partners with Urban Energy Solutions, LLC and SunGreen

    Stem Partners with Urban Energy Solutions, LLC and SunGreen

    Stem, Inc. has announced new collaborations with Urban Energy Solutions, LLC and SunGreen Systems to use Stem’s artificial intelligence (AI), Athena, in intelligent solar + storage solutions in Arizona and California. These projects represent Stem’s entry into a sixth U.S. state and the continued high growth of solar + storage momentum across the country.

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    1. We appreciate Stem's focus, like ours, on enhancing customer control. With tools like intelligent storage and solar, every commercial and industrial facility manager can maximize their reliance on renewable energy while reducing their energy costs.
    2. Intelligent energy storage is necessary for California to reach its 100% renewable energy goal, and combining AI-driven storage and solar just makes sense. It allows business owners to cut their high demand charges while giving them energy independence at reasonable rates.
    3. The energy markets are changing; customers want more control over their energy sources and energy spend as electric rates change.
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