1. CLIMATE: 'Locked-in' Technologies Seen Undermining Emission Curbs

    CLIMATE: 'Locked-in' Technologies Seen Undermining Emission Curbs

    The world's ability to fight climate change could be thwarted by a problem few people are talking about: technology lock-in. That's the warning in a series of recent papers from university professors and a book claiming that solar, wind and energy storage may have settled too early on specific technologies and thus may not reach levels necessary to prevent catastrophic warming. It's not entirely a new idea but one that is getting renewed attention and sparking heated debate among analysts. One critic called the idea "madness," while others say policymakers need to be thinking more about it to ensure greenhouse gases stay in check.

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    1. The question is if incumbent solar and storage technology can get the decarbonization job done or not. I'm not sure we can confidently answer that today. Given the stakes, I'm not comfortable rolling the dice.
    2. These technologies will not attract substantial private investment without such public support.
    3. The implementation of this R&D has ensured rapid continuous improvement such that solar is now cost-effective in virtually the whole world.
    4. I don't think that's an insidious message.
    5. Rather than focus on concerns about potential market advantages of lithium-ion technology, ESA is more focused on removing the market structure barriers that exist for all technologies.
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