1. Massachusetts Deploys Utility-Scale Energy Storage

    Massachusetts Deploys Utility-Scale Energy Storage

    National Grid has begun operating a vanadium redox-flow battery (VRB) with its 1-MW solar PV array in Shirley, Mass., to demonstrate utility operation of storage. The company was the prime recipient of an $875,000 Massachusetts grant awarded to an application team that also includes Vionx Energy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the Energy Initiatives Group. (See Massachusetts Awards $20M in Energy Storage Grants.)

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    1. Lithium is dominating the storage market, but it is not always the best tool for the job.
    2. So unlike the lithium-ion battery in your laptop, you never have to replace a Vionx battery.
    3. The vanadium doesn't wear out; it doesn't degrade; it doesn't need to be replaced or augmented.
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