1. MISO Outlines Energy Storage Make-whole, Performance Rules

    MISO Outlines Energy Storage Make-whole, Performance Rules

    MISO is planning to provide storage with make-whole payments for price volatility, subject storage resources to dispatch and regulation performance rules, and exempt storage from certain uplift charges, officials said last week at a special conference call on compliance with FERC Order 841. miso ferc order 841 energy storage Howard | © RTO Insider The RTO is proposing to use the same uninstructed deviation threshold it uses for other generators, Market Quality Manager Jason Howard said during the call on Aug. 21. MISO is currently refining a proposal to implement a more performance-based uninstructed deviation threshold. (See “Final Uninstructed Deviation Proposal,” MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs: May 10, 2018.)

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    1. We've just begun our collaboration with the Market Monitor … so that they do have an initial glimpse of our thoughts.
    2. MISO has recognized that a storage asset may go into offline mode and leave the market but still remain active charging and discharging to and from other sources and sinks.
    3. The concern is we would be penalized for that behavior.
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