1. RES to Build Solar-Plus-Storage Facility for Texas Utility

    RES to Build Solar-Plus-Storage Facility for Texas Utility

    RESolve Energy Storage System. Source: Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) August 22 (Renewables Now) - The US unit of UK-based Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) said today it has won a contract to execute a solar and energy storage project in Texas for local utility CPS Energy. The project, to be located in San Antonio on the campus of the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), includes deploying 5 MW of distributed solar power generating capacity and a 10-MW/10-MWh RESolve lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Both technologies will be interconnected at distribution voltage on a common feeder.

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    1. Having 3 GW of wind and 238 MW of solar already constructed or under construction in the state, this will mark RES' first energy storage project in Texas and will utilize RES' industry leading energy storage control platform, RESolve.
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