1. BTM storage is booming in Ontario - Utility Dive

    BTM storage is booming in Ontario - Utility Dive

    Ontario's Global Adjustment (GA) charge is creating a behind-the-meter energy storage boom. Energy storage developers are flocking to Ontario offering large industrial customers tools to cut their demand, which is directly linked to the level of GA charge they have to pay. Industrial customers have had to pay a majority of their electricity bills to the GA charge, which the Ontario government established in 2005.

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    1. We have some customers with $5 million a month of GA charges in addition to their energy charges, which are usually pretty cheap.
    2. The cost of a gas plant is pretty close to the cost of an energy storage installation, until you factor in greenhouse gas reductions.
    3. Whatever opportunities come about, we will be there and be ready.
    4. If it is not the GA, it will be called something else. You still have to pay for everything in the ground.
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