1. Tech Titans Team Up For Renewable Energy Research Push

    Tech Titans Team Up For Renewable Energy Research Push

    What do Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, Jack Ma, and David Rubenstein have in common? No, they are not all building new rockets for interstellar exploration. The common bond between them is that all have combined their considerable financial resources to create Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Formed in 2016 with an initial capitalization of $1 billion, BEV says its investments will be “patient capital,” which means a return on its investments may not happen for 20 years or more, giving the scientists and engineers it supports the time they need to develop disruptive technologies that could change the world.

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    1. We don't even describe what we are making as a battery.
    2. You won't talk to anyone who doesn't think that what we're trying to do is a little bit crazy.
    3. I think everyone who invested believes that if anyone can bring a game-changing long duration storage solution to the market, it's going to be this team.
    4. If we are successful, renewables will become the lowest cost, most dependable source of energy for the world.
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