1. Energy storage must be at heart of our future grid, Alan Finkel says

    Energy storage must be at heart of our future grid, Alan Finkel says

    Chief Scientist Alan Finkel says Australia is taking a world-leading position in energy storage – beyond just batteries – and must put the technology at the centre of its own energy transition. The Chief Scientist’s report Taking Charge highlights Australia's rapidly increasing numbers of residential batteries as well as its investment in pumped hydro and other technologies to support renewable power generation, seeing it at the global forefront of the rise of energy storage.

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    1. Energy storage is critically important technology -  we need to supplement and support the energy transition we're going through.
    2. We supported the development of Australia's first virtual power plant last year, comprising 1000 households and businesses, and have since funded the development of another, providing a further 1200 batteries to homes.
    3. Australia has the potential to take a world leader position.
    4. We are entering an era of rapid technological transformation in electricity generation and usage.
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