1. Is New Hampshire on the Verge of Battery Energy Storage History?

    Is New Hampshire on the Verge of Battery Energy Storage History?

    small investor-owned utility in New Hampshire may be on the verge of regulatory approval for one of the most ambitious U.S. tests yet of utility-owned, customer-sited battery energy storage systems. In the process, regulators and stakeholders of the DE 17-189 proceeding are wrestling with a question of vital interest to the rest of the 3,000-plus U.S. utilities: Should a utility own customer-sited storage or is it a distributed energy resource (DER) that should be left to private sector providers?

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    1. We believe the utility can do this just as well as the third-party providers.
    2. The utility will not be burdened with complications of ownership, like customer acquisition, installation, and maintenance.
    3. Regulated utilities and competitive actors can work together to reach customers, to educate them, and to provide them with the best combination of technology and services.
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