1. How NYPA is Taking ‘First Mover’ Position on EVs, Energy Storage and the Digital Grid

    How NYPA is Taking ‘First Mover’ Position on EVs, Energy Storage and the Digital Grid

    As the largest state-owned public utility in America, in one of the most progressive states in the country, the New York Power Authority doesn’t have the option of taking a “wait and see” approach on cleantech. Plus, NYPA’s business model enables it to invest in and deploy new technologies in bold ways, according to President and CEO Gil Quiniones.

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    1. We tend to be able to be the first mover and the first tester of new initiatives.
    2. NYPA is interesting because we serve 47 municipal utilities and four co-operatives, these are small distribution utilities owned by cities or towns. So we will pick two or three to really test various customer engagement strategies to see what sticks in terms of promoting adoption for electric vehicles.
    3. We're probably one of the — if not the only — utility that's declared that we will digitize everything in our processes.
    4. We're creating digital replicas of their energy systems so we can help them optimize the way they use energy, but also to inject this concept of flexibility.
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