1. Viridity Energy Breaks Ground on Two 20 MWh Battery Storage Projects in New Jersey

    Viridity Energy Breaks Ground on Two 20 MWh Battery Storage Projects in New Jersey

    Viridity Energy Solutions Inc. (“Viridity”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:ORA) and a leader in energy storage, is pleased to announce groundbreaking on two 20 MW / 20 MWh standalone utility-connected battery energy storage projects that the company will own and operate in New Jersey. As previously announced, Viridity and Ormat teams are providing the project engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services. The combined projects, interconnected with Jersey Central Power and Light’s transmission grid, will provide real-time frequency regulation as well as other ancillary services to the grid operator, PJM Interconnection. Viridity expects to begin operation of both systems in late 2018.

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    1. Viridity is very proud to break ground on the two largest battery storage systems ever implemented in New Jersey, which will provide stability to the power grid and benefit the local communities.
    2. Viridity, together with its parent company, Ormat Technologies, Inc., have the capabilities and expertise to ensure these projects will have the highest possible performance in the PJM market.
    3. Viridity will be an ideal owner of these assets and has expertise in operating projects in the PJM market.
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