1. Industry Slams US Coal and Nuclear Subsidy Plans

    Industry Slams US Coal and Nuclear Subsidy Plans

    The Department of Energy (DoE) wants to "purchase or arrange the purchase of electric energy or electric generation capacity" for two years and delay coal and nuclear plant retirements, according to a memo made public on 1 June. But a coalition of energy industry associations, including AWEA, condemned the proposals, claiming it would "hurt consumers". It is unclear whether the president had signed off on the DoE’s latest 40-page document, authorising the bail out of coal and nuclear plants.

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    1. While intermittent resources [wind and solar] provide value at various times during the day, during times of peak demand when there is the greatest strain on the electricity grid, many major electricity markets are and will continue to be heavily dependent on fossil and nuclear electric generation resources.
    2. The reported proposal would be a misapplication of emergency powers. There's certainly no credible justification to force American taxpayers to bail out uneconomic power plants.
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