1. Message to FERC: Think Beyond Bulk Power to Achieve Grid Resilience

    Message to FERC: Think Beyond Bulk Power to Achieve Grid Resilience

    Several groups are urging FERC to give microgrids and distributed energy resources a place at the table as it searches for ways to improve electric grid resilience on the bulk power system. grid resilienceThe groups offered input recently as part of a proceeding (AD18-7-000) that FERC opened after rejecting U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s push to subsidize coal-fired power plants. FERC determined that the subsidies aren’t necessary for grid resilience but decided to further explore what is.

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    1. To tackle something as complex as transforming the U.S. electrical system will require bold thinking.
    2. Each RTO/ISO should have a clearly identified methodology for evaluating storage proposals as a solution to reliability, economic, or public policy needs. This is currently not the case, depriving the grid of an important tool for resilience.
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